Repurpose with Purpose

I never thought I'd be writing something like this at a time like this. But, it seems like we need this, that overconsumption should be rexamined. Making masks, masks, masks. People are coming together to not profit from it, but to help and be connected. Helping each other. Sewing and designing are liberating. If you don't know if you can do it, just try! This is a time to learn and teach.

I've been repurposing fabric since I started. There isn't anything more important to me than making sure that people that I order from are being treated right and paid a fair wage. That the garments that I have to order premade, to save costs, are organic, to help our environment, and that are going to last. Lots of love, time, and history, are put into these garments.

I'm also trying to connect artists to more buyers, for more opportunities to sell their unique and fun artwork. What isn't unique about a sea monster attacking a famous landmark or a bionic kid robot skating on a flying skateboard?

Repurpose with a creative purpose.

Much love,

Jamie Landolt

The Bionic Kid Co.



Milwaukee, Wisconsin