My Story

When my son was one, he saw a dancing robot on t.v. Then after, he was obsessed about anything robot. Being an artist, I drew and painted robots everyday for him. I, too, started loving them. I sewed him a hoodie and he wore it everyday. The hoodies I designed for him are after tin toy robots of the 1940's-1980's. The hoodies are colorful and awesome. The toys are too, because they spit fire! He said, every kid should have a hoodie, then all the kids in the world can be robots. And now, here we are. 

I use organic materials in which some of the embellishments are from re-purposed material to try to lessen waste in landfills. Eco is the way to go in kid's clothing, I feel. And the cool thing is is that the hoodies glow. 

Max and I at a robot competition in 2015


Milwaukee, Wisconsin